New Students:

  • In seeking admission into any of BAC programmes, students are required to submit the following documents:
    1. Registration Form.
    2. 2 Passport Size photograph.
    3. Certified copy of MYKAD / Passport.
    4. Certified copy of O Level / SPM etc.
    5. Certified copy of English Language – 1119 (for SPM holders only).
    6. Certified copy of Pre University Qualification e.g. Foundation, A Level, UEC etc. (for admission into an Undergraduate programme).
    7. Certified copy of Undergraduate qualification (for those applying to pursue the CLP programme).
    8. Certified copy of English Language Qualification e.g. MUET, IELTS or TOEFL (for selected programmes).
  • An Offer Letter and CMS Letter generated by the CMS will only be released upon submission of the above documents. Upon receipt of the Offer letter, students are required to submit the signed Student Declaration which is on the last page of your Offer letter.
  • Students who change their contact details e.g. home address, mobile number, email addresses are required to make the necessary changes in the CMS. BAC requires your updated contact details to ensure up-to-date information is stored in the CMS.


Progressing Students:

  • Students who successfully complete a particular year and progress to the subsequent year are required to submit the following documents:
    1. Registration Form.
    2. Result Slip / Transcript of the previous year.


Graduating Students:

  • Students who successfully graduate from programmes delivered by BAC or partner Institutions are required to upload their FINAL certificate and Transcript in the CMS. This is required for records and future verification purposes.




  • Parents may use their Employees Provident Fund (EPF) accounts to fund fees payable to BAC.
  • Students, who intend to withdraw EPF, may apply for supporting documents from BAC via the Helpdesk in the CMS. Kindly allow 3 days of processing time to process your request.
  • Upon receipt of the documents, parents may proceed to make the EPF withdrawal supported with the following documents:
    1. BAC supporting documents.
    2. Copy of Student MYKAD.
    3. Copy of Student Entry Qualification.
  • Parents are also allowed to “Claim Back” the tuition fees paid to BAC from the EPF. Process and documents for this are as stated above with an addition of the receipt of payment made to BAC.




  • Students may apply for external loans or scholarships on their own accord. The Registry ensures to provide the necessary support in substantiating your application for a loan or scholarship.
  • Note that approval of any external loan or scholarship is at the sole discretion of the awarding organization.



  • The Registry also supports students with the necessary documents upon request:
    1. Letter of Confirmation.
    2. Letter of Completion.
    3. Verification of Qualifications (for qualifications earned during from BAC only).
    4. Any other form of documented support requested by students.


E-IPTS & Tracer Study

  • E-IPTS is an official portal by the Ministry of Education (MoE). All Institutions registered with the MoE are required to update records of every registered student in the E-IPTS system. As such, students are required to ensure that all information is the CMS is accurate.
  • Tracer Study is an official portal by the MoE to track the progress of graduates from every Institution. Upon successful completion of your programme of study, the Registry will engage with graduates in acquiring their assistance to participate in the Tracer Study exercise. Note that is compulsory as required by the MoE.


For further enquiries or clarification on the above, kindly contact the following:


WhatsApp: +60 16 9279470